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3 Common Causes Of Dog Dandruff


When your doggy skin starts to "snow" | You should start paying attention

Although it isn't the Christmas season, why is his skin starts to snow as well? When you take a closer look at it, you realize that they are all DANDRUFF!\(●o○;)ノ Having dandruff could possibly mean that... their body health is having trouble! But how could you know the reasons behind? These are the top 3 causes of dandruff, start recognizing them before it's too late! 


3 Common Causes Of Dog Dandruff


1. Falling sick

When your doggy falls sick
When your doggy falls sick, it means that their immune system will start to drop. When it happens, they could easily get skin infections due to hypothyroidism and malabsorption of fats. As time goes by, weak body immunity can cause dandruff. If your dog has dandruff, it is best to consult the vet first and get treated immediately.ヘ( ゚∀゚;)ノ

2. Malnutrition

3 Common Causes Of Dog Dandruff
When the skin is lack of essential fatty acids from daily food nutrition it can affect the waterproof layer of the skin, thus making the hair dull and the skin dry. Inappropriate feed preservation or formula can cause a deficiency in the food. It's best to check the ingredients first before purchasing. Besides that, remember to seal the feed after opening and keep them in a cool place to reduce the nutrients being damaged.└(;ω; )」

3. Inappropriate washing or grooming

Inappropriate washing or grooming
If you didn't groom them frequently or shower them every week, their dead skin will start to accumulate. This will turn the dead skin into dandruff, and cause them to start scratching and have to skin allergic problems. Proper bathing is recommended to reduce the dandruff problem. Depending on the sebum secretion, you should bathe them at least once every 1~2 weeks. Choose mild & non-irritating shampoo to reduce the skin irritant level caused by the shampoo chemical.(ゝ∀・)b


 Furboss TIPS -

As their parents, we should always be observant of their health problems. If there's something wrong with their skin health, please DO NOT WAIT! You should consult your vet as soon as possible to seek for help.


3 Common Causes Of Dog Dandruff