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MAOEAT AB Kefir Probiotics Digestive Health Booster

Contains patented AB Kefir beneficial bacteria to develop an healthy intestinal environment, thus improving the body digestion & nutrient absorption. A healthy lifestyle start from taking care of their digestive system!


為什麼毛孩需要 AB益生菌好腸胃賞?

Why do furkids require AB Kefir Probiotics Digestive Health Booster?

軟便、腹瀉、便秘… 毛孩的腸胃問題困擾好多!

Most of the time, furkids would have intestinal problems such as
soft stools, diarrhea, constipation and malnutrition (dysbiosis)!

AB Kefir Probiotics Digestive Health Booster can stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the intestine
to help
regulate the digestive system and improve the absorption of nutrients.
All-in-all, it will help to
improve the body’s immune system too!




你知道嗎?這些常見的事 都可能是引起毛孩腸胃問題、使腸道壞菌增加的主因!Did you know? These are the main reasons that cause digestive problems!Furkid’s immune system is closely related to intestinal health. If there are not enough friendly bacteria in the intestines, not only will the nutrients absorption rate become poor, but also lead to a decline in body immunity! In the long term, it will affect the whole body system!	 毛孩的免疫系統與腸胃息息相關,若腸內好菌不足,不只讓腸胃吸收力變差,也會導致免疫力低落,影響到毛孩全身的健康哦!腸胃要好,千萬不要吃錯菌!There are different types of probiotics! Each of them is for different purpose!There are many different types of probiotics with different functions. AB Kefir Probiotics Digestive Health Booster carefully selects only the most beneficial probiotics (AB Kefir) to maintain & improve the gut health!	 益生菌種類繁多,『AB益生菌好腸胃賞』嚴選最能有效維持腸道健康的AB菌,讓毛孩日常就能補充到正確的好菌!Bacteria Strains for Pets Having more probiotics doesn’t mean it will have a better results. Only through the right bacteria strain, it can provide a better protection towards the furkid’s digestive health!Convenient Sachet Packaging It is prepared & formulated by a professional nutritionist. Each powder sachet contains sufficient amount for furkid’s daily consumption.Longer Active Time Stomach acid can easily destroys the bacteria. However, by using the patented processing technology (Symbiotic Fermentation), 4.5 billions bacteria can reach the intestines in the best condition!

AB Kefir Lactobacillus & Bifidobacterium
Vegan Digestive Enzymes Complex
Bovine Colostrum



These gut-supporting nutrients are now condensed in 
a small sachet to fight the bad bacteria!

It is divided into 3 teams: Elite squad, support team & defender team!


益生菌注意報!這樣挑最有效 	 ✔ 標示超清楚! 挑選益生菌時,成分有確實標明菌種、菌株,才表示產品的品質與安全性是有保障的哦! 	 ✔ 濃度與穩定性高! 採用「完全共生發酵技術」,比起一般益生菌的單一菌種發酵,濃度與穩定性更高,維持腸道好環境也更輕鬆! 	 ✔ 代謝力Up! 獨特添加天然酵母B群,吸收率高於一般市售B群,不只補好菌,更能均衡吸收營養,促進毛孩新陳代謝。 Learn to choose the best probiotics! When choosing for the probiotics, remember to choose the one with clear bacteria labelling. It is to ensure the suitability & quality of the product for your furkids! Made with “Symbiotic Fermentation Technology” it can provide a high enough concentration of live probiotics to create a more stable and healthy microbiome! B-complex vitamins play important roles in red blood cell production to skin health and immune function. It can enhance the nutrients absorption rate, thus boost their metabolism.