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  1. 告別問題肌植萃修復露-汪喵通用 225ml
    MAOWASH Advanced Herbal Recovery Liquid Pet Shampoo 225ml
  2. 告別問題肌植萃修復露-汪喵通用 (補充瓶) 700ml
    MAOWASH Advanced Herbal Recovery Liquid Pet Shampoo  (700ml - Replenishment Bottle)

*There is no pointed tip in the 700ml replenishment bottle. Please use the small funnel to pour into the original bottle.*

Customer Reviews

So far so good. My poodle kinda sensitive to certain shampoo smell. He will rubbing his nose whenever I use it to shower him or just to wash paws. I shower my poodle on weekly basis. Luckily Maoup shampoo solved my poodle problem. The smell of the shampoo n conditioner doesn't irritate him. I noticed he didn't rub his nose and sit calmly for blow dry.

30 October 2020
Kimmy Wong

Good product!!! Very effective and support the immune system to my dog and cat. Their coughing, sneezing and swelling is totally recovered.

26 October 2020

Good product quality and fast delivery Good value money and thanks for the free gift. Thanks you~

26 October 2020

fast delivery so far my dog like that taste and smell

21 October 2020
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19 October 2020