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MAOWASH Citrus & Lavender Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo (500ml)
RM92.50 RM115.60
MAOWASH Citrus & Lavender Anti-Flea Dog Shampoo (500ml)
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│產品特色 Product Features│



A gentle shampoo for oily and normal skin type. It contains Citrus Bergamia Essential Oil and Buddha’s Hand Essential Oil. This natural formula can effectively prevent fleas. Lavender and Sweet Orange Essential Oil could slow down oil secretion and control sebum production. After using it, your dog will be fluffy and refreshing.


│草本養護 特別添加 Herbal Series Specially Added│

香檸檬果油、柑橘→ 形成防護環境,蚤蟲不再來
   Citrus Bergamia, Mandarin Orange Essential Oil → Establishing an environment in which fleas dislike.
佛手柑、甜橙精油 → 擺脫出油、異味,長效清爽
    Buddha’s hand, Sweet Orange Essential Oil → Break away from excessive oil and bad odor. Long-lasting refreshing effect.
薰衣草、甘草萃取 → 草本鎮定,溫和舒緩
    Lavender, Licorice Extract → Calming and soothing skin condition.

│使用方式 How To Use│

建議搭配 【毛起來洗】草本養護 柔順不打結神奇護毛乳 使用,效果更佳。


Wash the dog's hair with warm water, apply the shampoo to the dog. Gently rub it to produce foam, massage for 1-3 minutes, then wash it with warm water.

Use it with【MAOWASH】Natural Silky Coating Pet Conditioner for better results.

*To strengthen flea prevention, leave the lathers on the skin for 5 minutes.

Rinse and blow-dry the hair. Finish by combing the hair with needle comb to remove remaining fleas & eggs.

│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬種適用(本產品含有柑橘精油,貓咪不適用)

Moisturizing Shampoo only for dogs of all ages.

This product contains a citrus essential oil which is not suitable for cats.

│產地 Place of Origin│

100% 台灣研發製造

100% Made in Taiwan

│內容量/保存期限 Volume / Validity Period│

500ml / 5年 (開封6個月)

500ml / 5 years (Recommended to use it within 6 months after opening)

│了解更多 More Information│

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4 reviews
Customer Reviews

So far so good. My poodle kinda sensitive to certain shampoo smell. He will rubbing his nose whenever I use it to shower him or just to wash paws. I shower my poodle on weekly basis. Luckily Maoup shampoo solved my poodle problem. The smell of the shampoo n conditioner doesn't irritate him. I noticed he didn't rub his nose and sit calmly for blow dry.

30 October 2020
Kimmy Wong

Good product!!! Very effective and support the immune system to my dog and cat. Their coughing, sneezing and swelling is totally recovered.

26 October 2020

Good product quality and fast delivery Good value money and thanks for the free gift. Thanks you~

26 October 2020