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✭ Limited Stock ✭ Fish & "Chick" Paired Up Bundle
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  • 98% 雞肉含量,用料好實在
    98% More Chicken
  • 4倍特濃起司,濃濃奶香超過癮!
    Extra 4 times cheese that furkids will surely addicted to!

│套組內容 Bundle Package Information│

**以下商品請選一 Choose One**

  1. 海陸高鈣奇饗雙包組 ─ 特濃起司雞肉鬆 40g + 海味虱目魚鬆 40g
    Fish & "Chick" Paired Up Bundle - Cheesy Chicky Floss 40gHi-Cal Milkfish Floss 40g
  2. 特濃起司雞肉雙包優惠組─ 特濃起司雞肉鬆 40g *2 
    Cheesy Chicky Floss 40g *2
  3. 高鈣海味雙包優惠組─ 海味虱目魚鬆 40g *2
    Hi-Cal Milkfish Floss 40g *2

│產品特色 Product Features│

100% made of fresh meat and rich in calcium & phosphorus for furkids. Soft & fine texture that furkids couldn’t resist.

     Supplement the calcium & phosphorus required by furkids.

      Cats & dogs with chewing difficulty can enjoy too!

      All-natural ingredients without additives.

│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬貓都適合 
Cats & dogs of all ages

│每日建議用量 Recommended Intake / Day│

  • 一天餵食量勿超過每天攝取熱量之10%
    Feeding amount should not exceed 10% of daily calories.
  • 可做為獎勵和點心,可加入飼料中增進食慾,也可直接餵食
    Parents can mix it with food to increase appetite or feed furkids directly.

【警語 Warning
※ This product is not a substitute for staple food. Please feed it according to the age and weight of your pet.

│產地 Place of Origin│


100% Made in Taiwan

│內容量 Volume│

每包40公克 ±3 

40 gram ± 3 /pack. 

│保存期限 Validity Period│

特濃起司雞肉鬆 MAOEAT Cheesy Chicky Floss - 有效期限Until 18 May 2021
海味虱目魚鬆 MAOEAT Hi-Cal Milkfish Floss - 有效期限Until 17 May 2021

Recommended storing in the refrigerator immediately after use or opening.

│SGS檢驗報告 SGS Inspection Report│


Our Products Are Certified by SGS for Product Safety. View the Inspection Report


│了解更多 More Information│

>毛孩最愛的口味!Furkids favourite treats!特濃起司雞肉鬆 Cheesy Chicky Floss  4倍特濃起司 Extra 4 times cheese. 海味虱目魚鬆 Hi-Cal Milkfish Floss  現撈鮮甜魚味 Flavourful fish aroma4X Cheese Ingredients Alluring cheesy aroma that pets will surely be addicted to. 98% More Chicken Made of chicken meats with quality certifications. Farm Fresh Milkfish Infuse the flavourful taste of fishes in every bites 100% Eggshell Powder High calcium content, better nutrient absorption.3 ways to enjoy the tasty flossHow the Floss Is MadeLet’s compare the differences! 零食頂尖對決!Amazing Healthy Ingredients for Furkids職人的堅持,每一口都用心製作 Pamper furkids with the finest treatsTransparent ingredients Treats without additives are always my #1 priority. MAOEAT Cheesy Chicky Floss actually fits all the criteria that I’m looking for a healthy treat! Picky cat’s favourite After adding MAOEAT Hi-Cal Milkfish Floss to the dish, MoMo finishes the bowl without a trace left! This is a rare scene as he is a super picky eater in the family!  Weak teeth? No problem! Kawaii has lost most of her teeth as she ages. However, the MAOEAT Cheesy Chicky Floss has a rich flavor and a fine texture. Now, she keeps wanting to have it everyday!Made of safe ingredientsTake note before feeding!

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Ling Lim Wei

Received the items all in good condition and well packing. Thank you so much for the free gift. Can't wait to try the shampoo and conditioner on this coming weekend, hopefully it will help my furbaby itchy skin.

21 January 2021

Barang sampai dengan bungkusan yang kemas sampai dengan cepat dan selamat. Telah digunakan, bau yang wangi dan kutu semakin berkurangan.

21 January 2021
Chia Kenneth

Fast delivery ,item received in good condition

21 January 2021