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【GiGwi】Rolling Bell Ball(3 Inches)
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Brand GiGwi
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Bounces Unpredictably
It stimulates your dog's hunting instincts. They deem it as real prey due to its randomized movements.

Bell Inside
Generate sounds as the ball moves. Super attractive, most dogs can play for hours! 

Teeth Cleaning Surface
Ridge & bumpy texture to clean their teeth when chewing. Improve dental health while playing.

Resist Strong Bites
Made with double-structure rubber to withstand tough chewing. Durable & safe materials.

│產品特色 Product Features│

GiGwi Rolling Bell Ball 特殊的螺旋設計,讓球球不規整隨意彈跳。表現“真獵物”的感覺。適合訓練狗狗警覺性,加強敏銳天性。聲音不會太大,你可以隨時隨地和狗狗一起愉快訓練。

GiGwi Rolling Bell Ball is a unique, oddly shaped chew ball. They are designed to train their alertness and vigilance.


│材質 Materials│


Food grade TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber). Material & production process meet European and American environmental quality standards and safety requirements.

│注意事項 Take Notes│

為了避免狗狗在遊戲中不小心誤食,請飼主盡量避免狗狗單獨玩玩具。建議先了解產品尺寸後再購買。由於測量的方式與位置不同,保留 1~3cm 的誤差。此外,各螢幕品牌不同有色差問題與實際產品色調可能稍有不同。

Beware of choking hazards; supervise your dog when he plays. Be sure to clarify the size of the product before buying. The actual size may vary within 1~3cm under different measuring methods. Due to the variation of colour settings and qualities of phone/tablet/computer screens, the actual colour might appear differently at your end.


│了解更多 More Information│

GiGwi Rolling Bell Ball Is a Unique, Oddly Shaped Chew Ball. Designed To Your Pet Their Alertness and Vigilance. Food Grade TPR, Material Meets European and American Environmental Quality Standards. GiGwi Ball Bounces At Irregular Path, Your Pups Will Never Be Bored. Know More!

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3 reviews
Customer Reviews
Amy Loke

This is my 6th bottle. Really good.

30 November 2022
Lau Shuxin

Bought few times. Received with good condition and good packaging.

30 November 2022

Repetitive purchase from this seller and good quality of quality.

30 November 2022