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【 Olchi 올치】軟舒適 防舔咬頭套 Multifunctional Pet E-collar (Crayon)
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Brand Olchi올치
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  • 100% waterproof fabric, easy to clean, resistant to odour and bacteria
  • Soft Flexi-folding feature, do not interrupt their daily activities. Eat, sleep, play comfortably as usual~
  • Adjustable hook-and-loop strap, easily find the perfect fit around your pet's neck
  • Durable materials, scratch and bite resistance

│產品特色 Product Features│



✔ 特殊防水棉布,耐髒易清洗不讓細菌滋生

✔ 質地柔軟,穿戴舒適,不影響毛孩正常飲食

✔ 雙面魔鬼氈任意調節大小,重複使用一樣穩固

✔ 柔韌性好,頭套不容易被抓破

│佩戴建議 Recommended Protection Period│

外部驅蟲: 6~24小時

Deworm: 6~24 hours


過度搔癢/過敏問題: 1周

Over-scratching/allergies: 1 week


剛絕育、術後: 1~2周

Spayed/post-surgery: 1~2 weeks


耳螨/發炎: 1~4周

Ear mites/inflammations: 1~4 weeks


皮膚病修復期: 2~3周

Recovery of skin problems: 2~3 weeks


❖ 因為每個毛孩的身體狀況與病況都不一樣,建議詢問醫生了解合適的佩戴週期。

❖ It might vary depending on the furkid's physique or health condition. Kindly seek a vet's advice for the best period of use.


│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬貓適用 

Dogs & cats of all ages


│產地 Place of Origin│


Designed & Made in Korea


│了解更多 More Information│軟舒適 防舔咬頭套 Multifunctional Pet E-collar

Protect & Strive Every Difficult Times. Prevent licking or scratching the wound, avoid swallowing the medicine & Stop bacteria spreading, rapid skin recovery.

Easy-washing Water Resistant Fabric.Keep it dry to avoid musty smells,  leave no rooms for germs & bacteria.

Cute & Fashionable Artworks.Amazing youthful design inspired by the author, stays awesome while wearing an E-collar~

Smooth Neck Protection, Irritation-free. Comfortable Nylon lining,  prevent chafing & abrasion.

Max. Comfortability, Enjoy Life As Usual. Designed for convenient use.  Why unpeel the collar when it’s allowed to fold?

Adjustable Hook-and-loop Fastener. Easy to attach/detach within seconds, suitable for cats & dogs of any sizes.

Choose Your Favourite Style

 Standing behind furkid’s body,  adjust the fastener to fit snugly. Slide two fingers in between the collar and neck. Make sure it’s not too tight.

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Waterproof Cotton Fabric. Comfortable Nylon Lining

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1 reviews
Customer Reviews
Amy Loke

This is my 6th bottle. Really good.

30 November 2022
Lau Shuxin

Bought few times. Received with good condition and good packaging.

30 November 2022

Repetitive purchase from this seller and good quality of quality.

30 November 2022