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Rich in Lecithin ⇝ ⌜The Need for Healthy Skin⌟

  • Promote skin health rejuvenation
  • Reborn the hair babies
  • Reduce their skin inflammation

High Concentration of Omega-3 (EPA+DHA) ⇝ ⌜SGS & USP Certified⌟

  • More nutritional
  • Regulate skin texture and improve skin problems
  • Promote hair growth and improve daily hair loss
  • Healthy and soft hair, get rid of dry straw
  • Strengthen the skin barrier, moisturize and be healthy without the burden
  • Storage the essential nutrients for joints
  • The commonly-used formula for veterinarians
  • Guarding the pet's healthy movement

To help pets to destress, be happy all the time! 

  • Natural ingredients ♪
  • Stress relieving and claiming ♪
  • Supporting pet’s stress-free life ♪

│潔牙+獎勵+紓壓,每天阿姆阿姆就是最快樂的時光 A Warm Treat for Furkid! Bring Out Their Inner Happiness!│

【Natural & No Additives】Natural colours from food ingredients.
【Common Wheat Fibre】Increase the friction area, effectively remove tartar.
【50% More Chicken Meat】Excellent source of protein, irresistible flavour.

【2x Times Chewy Texture】Double up the teeth-cleaning experience.