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MAOEAT Young Energetic & Immune Support (1~7 yrs old)
RM80.90 RM101.13
MAOEAT Young Energetic & Immune Support (1~7 yrs old)
Price RM80.90 RM101.13
Brand 毛起來吃 MAOEAT
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│產品特色 Product Features│

14種維生素 X 免疫力提升配方,啟動健康護盾,讓保護力時刻在線。  


✔ 免疫保健

✔ 提升活力

✔ 補充抗氧化營養


天然來源成份 好吃!好餵!毛孩最愛! 


 Adulthood requires maintaining a health-functional & full-energetic physical body! Formulated with β-Glucan & Vitamin B Complex to strengthen physique and antibodies, which help safeguard them in daily life!

 Rich in 14 types of multivitamins, they act as complementary antioxidants and help improve internal health and vitality!

  • Enhance body immunity & body physique
  • Increase metabolism activity & vitality
  • Promote antioxidants to protect against free radical damage

Natural source ingredients. So yummy and delicious! Furkid's favourite! 

│適用對象 Suitable For│

全品種成犬 All breeds of dogs.
(Besides Adulthood Cats and Dogs, this supplement is also suitable for furkids who need to build stronger  immune systems and restore vitality daily.)

│產地 Place of Origin│


100% Made in Taiwan

│建議用量/日 Recommended Intake / Day│

  • 未滿10kg:1包
    Below 2kg: 1 sachet
  • 10-20kg:2包
    10-20kg: 2 sachets
  • 20公斤以上:3包
    Above 20kg: 3 sachets

│內容量 Volume


0.8g/sachet. Every pack has 30 sachets.

│保存期限 Validity Period│

未開封2年 Unopened and completely sealed should last for two years.


│了解更多 More Information│






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Isabella Lee

First purchase and have not added to my dog supplements. However fast delivery, placed order on 2March and received 4March. This is recommended by my vet dog to add into my dog diet as supplement

8 March 2023
Isabella Lee

Second purchase. Mild ingredients without harsh chemical smell. With daily use it able to cure mild yeast infection or funny smell from dog ear

8 March 2023

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8 March 2023


8 March 2023


8 March 2023