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MAOWASH Pet Mouthwash Water
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MAOWASH Pet Mouthwash Water
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│產品特色 Product Features│


Food grade mouthwash formula that suits for cats and dogs. 

Uniquely added with Rooibos Tea extract to completely clean the mouth and teeth, eliminating bad breath and maintaining long-lasting mouth freshness.


✔ 用喝的就能喝出好口氣

    Drink it and smell good
✔ 深入齒縫牙齦零死角

    Completely cleans the mouth and teeth
✔ 食用級安心配方 健康無負擔

    Food grade safe formula with no burden to the health
✔ 更簡單、更快速、更易持續的口腔對策

    Easy, fast and long-lasting countermeasure to bad breath


│主要成分 Main Ingredients│


Rooibos Tea Extract, Arginine, Allantoin, Trehalose, Licorice, Vitamin E, Citric Acid.

│使用方法 How To Use│


Add into the drinking water at a ratio of 1:50.


   Pour out 5ml (about half cap) mouthwash.

   Add into 250ml of drinking water.  


  Getting fresh breath by just drinking the water!  


*小提醒: 初次使用可先在飲水中滴入少許舒口水,待毛孩習慣後再依照建議用量使用。

*Reminder: For the first time use, start from a few drops then increase slowly to the recommended amount

It is recommended to use a cat toothpaste / dog toothpaste to cultivate correct teeth brushing habits.

Combine brushing teeth & mouthwash can achieve better oral protection!

│使用頻率 Frequency│


Using it 1-2 times a day to achieve better results.

│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬貓種適用

Mouthwash Water only for cats & dogs of all ages

│產地 Place of Origin│

100% 台灣研發製造

100% Made in Taiwan

│內容量/保存期限 Volume / Validity Period│

395ml / 3年 (開封6個月)

395ml / 3 years (Recommended to use it within 6 months after opening)

│SGS檢驗報告 SGS Inspection Report│

本產品通過 SGS 檢驗認證>> 產品檢驗報告這邊看
Our Products Are Certified by SGS for Product Safety. View the Inspection Report

│了解更多 More Information│



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7 reviews
Customer Reviews

Parcel packed nicely and well. This is my second purchase from this brand. Bought shampoo n condition previously, great products. Now added new products for my pet.Haven't test the flea defender herbal spray on my pet, hope it will works well.

26 November 2020
Jyin Lee

A very convenient product to remove my dog's bad breath. Will buy it again!

24 November 2020
Wang Gor Tee

非常喜歡這家產品 之前在台灣就一直使用這家的產品了 非常推薦!

22 November 2020