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MAOWASH Hydrating Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo
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Brand 毛起來洗 MAOWASH
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│產品特色 Product Features│


MAOWASH Hydrating Hypoallergenic Pet Shampoo is suitable for most cats and dogs with normal, sensitive, or dry skins. Effective in soothing skin allergies such as dandruff, flaking, excessive scratching, etc. Specially added with Lonicera japonica(Honey sucker flower) and Neroli essential oil to enhance skin hydration.

Easily volumize the shampoo by creating thicker foams, deeper perforations to deliver skin-nourishing ingredients. A blissful blend of calming aromas to reduce strong body odour in pets. Let the hearty scent waft out from the bathroom, just like the autumn breeze. 


舒緩柔敏配方 x 3倍綿密泡泡

Hypoallergenic Formula x Better Volumizing Foam


✔ 泡泡柔.潤.彈,徹底帶走髒污無死角

    Extra frothy foams, deeply cleanses the skin 
✔ 長效鎮定保濕,洗完毛髮柔順蓬鬆
Long-lasting hydration, maintain smooth & fluffy hair
✔ 獨家舒緩柔敏配方,問題肌毛孩也可以安心洗
Exclusive soothing formula, suitable for any skin conditions

✔ 剛剛好的清爽莓果香,毛孩洗完好放鬆
Comes with a refreshing & luscious fruity scent

│特色成分 Special Ingredients│

① 橙花精油、甘草次酸→滋養肌膚、鎮定舒緩
Neroli essential oil, Glycyrrhetinic acid→Specialized to calm skin itchiness, irritations, and other skin allergies 

② 何首烏、維他命B5→ 長效保濕
Polygonum multiflorum, Vitamin B5→ Rejuvenate and nourish the skin, promote hair growth
③ 百里香、雪松→提升肌膚防護力
Thyme, Cedarwood essential oil→Strengthen the skin's defence, keep dermatological issues at bay

│使用方法 How To Use│

Wet the cat or dog with lukewarm water and apply the shampoo from head to tail. Gently lather and massage for 1~3 minutes, then rinse with water. Wash twice if needed.  

│適用對象 Suitable For│


Pet shampoo for cats & dogs of all ages

│產地 Place of Origin│

100% 台灣研發製造

100% Made in Taiwan

│內容量/保存期限 Volume / Validity Period│

500ml / 5年 (開封6個月)

5 years (Recommended to use it within 6 months after opening)

│了解更多 More Information│

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17 reviews
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Nal Gurung

good product
very nice like it

24 September 2022
Kennice Low


24 September 2022
Juliet Akanishi

My furkid loves their fish oil very much!

24 September 2022