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MAOEAT Munchie Crunchie Dental Chew

Munchie Crunchie Dental Chews. Special Added Rooibos Tea. All-Natural Ingredients. Long-lasting chewability. Improve Dental Hygiene.This dental chew is DIFFERENT! UNIQUE • Easy to digest! tasty original chicken ingredients. Clean away plaque & tartar with natural fibre formula.  original food colour.  Every bite is exceptionally chewy. Palatable taste for most furkids. Improve teeth and gum health. No artificial colours or flavours. Maximize the teeth cleaning effect with each chew.Munchie Crunchie Irresistible chewing desire Enhanced grinding surface to remove stubborn stains Remove hidden tartar easily 360° teeth cleaning without hurting the gumsMAOUP MAOEAT Munchie Crunchie Dental ChewsNatural Ingredients Revealed!Secrets to delicious dental chews! Original Chicken Ingredients! ------- Source of quality protein -------  Each Munchie Crunchie Dental Chew contains more than 50% chicken ingredients as the main source of healthy protein. Common Wheat Triticum! ------- Source of dietary fibre -------  Wheat fibre has a natural rough surface which can help increase the friction area with calculus & effectively remove tartar. Rooibos Tea Extracts! ------- Source of caffeine-free antioxidant -------  Furkids can now acquire safe minerals & antioxidants that come from the Rooibos Tea extracts.A Warm Treat for Furkid! Bring out their inner happiness.   We assure you...  No Preservatives  No Artificial Colouring  No Synthetic Fragrance  Munchie Crunchie Dental Chew  Other Dental Chews  Added with preservatives, artificial colouring and artificial seasoning.  100% natural ingredients that are safe & without additives.  Additives  Over 50% of chicken meat ingredients.  Mostly starch and low meat content.  Ingredients  Great chewability,  easy-to-digest formula.  Cause broken teeth or gum injury due to the hardness.  Hardness  Added with wheat fibre for effective tartar removal.  Often has a smooth surface and difficult to remove tartar.  Tartar removalMAOUP MAOEAT Munchie Crunchie Dental Chews How It Is Made?  Let’s explore the production line!  All chicken meat is shipped fresh to the manufacturer  The chicken meat is added with various of natural ingredients, then mixed and mashed together repeatedly into paste.  Mould into snowflake-shaped dental chew   After that, the chicken paste is extruded and shaped. The workers will cut the long strip of chicken paste into small pieces.  Low-temperature baking treatment for 22 hours  Exclusive baking technique that can retain the original flavours and chewability.Safe & natural ingredients  All ingredients: Fresh chicken meat, soy protein, tapioca, glycerin, rice flour, rooibos tea extract, triticum fibre.  Packaging content: 13 gram ± 5% /each.  Every pack has 13 dental chews.  Suitable for: All dog breeds above 6 months.  Validity period: 18 months, please finish it as soon as possible after opening.  Calories		45 kcal  Protein		1.8 g  Nutrition label  13 gram each ± 5%  Fat		0 g  Carbohydrates	9.4 g  Sodium		38 mg  Take note before feeding!  Daily intake: Do not exceed 10% of daily intake.  Each dental chew is vacuum packed individually to ensure its freshness & hygiene.  Please take note:  The colour of this product may be different. The colour difference is a natural phenomenon due to the baking process. Please finish it as soon as possible once opened. This product is not a substitute for staple food. Please feed it according to the age and weight of your pet. Small pets should be fed in stages according to their eating conditions and behaviours. Parents should stay close with their pets when feeding them to ensure their safety when chewing. Before vs. After  After  Before  Better Oral Health Protection!  Use together with Pet Mouthwash Water, Refreshing Dog Toothpaste  Get Protection!00%;" />




Besides that, excessive starch on the dental chew would not bring balanced nutrition to the furkid.  Munchie Crunchie Dental Chew: Contains 50% more chicken meat & protein for the furkids. Special added with Rooibos Tea to prevent bad breath. Snowflake-shaped, 360° teeth cleaning without hurting the gums No artificial colourings or preservatives.  A Warm Treat for Furkid! Bring Out Their Inner Happiness! 【Natural & No Additives】Natural colours from food ingredients. 【Common Wheat Fibre】Increase the friction area, effectively remove tartar. 【50% More Chicken Meat】Excellent source of protein, irresistible flavour.  Our Munchie Crunchie Dental Chew has certified safe to feed by SGS.