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【 Olchi 올치】多向牽繩 • 花系列 Flower Series Leash (Plum Purple/Salmon Orange)
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Brand Olchi올치
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  • Made from full-strength nylon, performing effective pulling resistance
  • Adjustable traffic control handle for maximum comfort & customization
  • D-Ring is applicable for attaching any accessory:(Bag, key ring, etc.)

│產品特色 Product Features│

長達 2.5米, 可依需調整出適合的長度出門遛遛,一簡單上手,說走就走!~ 想要多樣化的遛狗方式就從拿下 “多向牽繩” 開始。


✔ 尼龍紗製作,耐拉耐磨、質輕滑順 、不易氧化

✔ 搭配柔軟海綿握把,舒服體驗控制毛孩動向

✔ 出街方便、隨身扣上需用到的必需狗狗用品(拾便袋、水壺、零嘴等)


│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬貓適用 

Dogs & cats of all ages


│產地 Place of Origin│


Designed & Made in Korea


│了解更多 More Information│More Flexible Way to Adapt in Any Occasions

Techniques of Using Hands-Free Leash

Buckle with the function of length adjustable. Achieve the priority of comfort as it has breathable air mesh fabric & sponge

Two colours are available.

Size Chart

Flower Series Leash

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Customer Reviews
Kok Poh Ee
我的宝贝不会很抗拒 之前她很抗拒身上的任何东西 第一次带所以还不是很习惯 整体来说应该是不错
7 October 2021
Viola Denyse

Everything came in great condition! The packaging is super cute and pretty, and it was all packed very safely. I have yet to try the ear cleaner, but the toothbrush works wonderful! Especially when trying to clean places that are hard to reach.

7 October 2021
Vicky WK

买了Shampoo 和Conditioner 500ML试用,用了这两个个洗后狗的毛变得很蓬松和滑顺不打结,味道也很持久

7 October 2021