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MAOWASH Flea Defender Herbal Pet Spray

│ Herbal Series │

Flea defender herbal pet spray

220ml RM56.90


Spraying on the pet before going outdoor can form a protective layer on the hair skin, 
making it difficult for the fleas to reach.
The natural ingredients are mild and non-irritating to the skin.
​It is safe, non-toxic, and edible.



Spray it Once, fleas turn NONE !


Herbal Compound Formula, Effectively Repels Fleas




Golden Shield of Flea Defending Herbs


3 Secrets in Repelling Fleas




List of Diseases Caused by Bugs


Malaysia is located in the equatorial region which is full of bugs all year round.
Grass, shade, and even other dogs are the base camp for fleas, 
so proper use of the protective spray is very important.




Safe & Super Effective


Safety of the ingredient is the most important factor
when choosing the product for your pet,
as the amount of residue and the time it stays on the pet's body is a lot.