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MAOWASH Natural Pet Ear Cleaner






│ Herbal Series │

natural PET EAR Cleaner

165ml RM53.00


100% of Taiwan's water-based mild and refreshing ear cleaner for pets. 
It is non-medicated as it is made of herbal extracts to dissolve pet earwax.
It keeps their ear canals clean without any dirt and does not irritate them.




Keeps The Ear Canal Clean An Healthy

Do not forget your pet's weekly ear cleaning.




Common Signs Of Ear Disease

If you notice your pet has the following symptoms, please clean their ear immediately.




MAOWASH v.s Other Brands

Mildly refreshing, Non-medicated, Natural and Non-irritating




NOTE:Don't use Q-tip to clean the deeper part of the ear canal. It doesn't clean the ear effectively and may also injure the ear wall.

Frequency of use: Use 1-2 times every week to maintain otic health and prevent infection.
If needed to be used with otic medicines, consult with your vet and follow his/her instruction on the frequency of use. 
Apply MAOWASH Natural Pet Ear Cleaner prior to the medication