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MAOWASH Natural Itch Relief Shampoo - Dog/Cat



│ Herbal Series │

Natural itch relief shampoo

220ml RM49.50 / 500ml RM80.90 / 1000ml RM145


Formulated with mild herbal extracts such as Glycyrrhetinic Acid and Litsea Cubeba
to soothe sensitive skin. Not only does it thoroughly clean the hair,
but also gently maintain the skin in a healthy condition.




►​ Does Your Pet Have Trouble With Sensitive Skin? 

Pet skin is thinner than the human baby.
Their skin is also much more sensitive than human.

Therefore, it is important to use a natural mild shampoo.​

Special Added Herbal Ingredients
MAOWAH Herbal Series Main Ingredient Introduction

Only Choose The Safest Ingredients
" Natural " ingredients can be toxic to pets too.
MAOWASH carefully selects the safest ingredients, avoiding toxic substances for your cats and dogs.

A lot of natural ingredients are actually harmful to animals.
For example, tea tree essential oil is harmless to humans but lethal for dogs and cats.
Another instance is citrus and lemongrass, as they are poisonous for cats.
MAOWASH carefully selects the ingredients that assure the safety of your pets.  


Sensitive Skin   Skin Disease

Take care of your pet now before you pay more for a medical fee.