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MAOWASH Pet Deodorizing Spray






│ Daily Cleaning Series │

PET Deodorizing Spray
FOR Environment use

220ml RM53.00


Using plant-derived deodorization technology,
it instantly decomposes all kinds of odor such as poop odor, urine odor, and body odor.
It is not harmful, non-toxic, non-fragrance, non-irritating, and safe for pet consumption.



Taking Care Of Strong Odor For You

Tailored for pet use.


Effective Deodorization, No Extra Flavor is Needed !

Fragrance does not mean it has eliminated bad odor.
Cats and dogs' noses are more sensitive than ours.



Deodorant Spray Is Suitable for Various Materials




We Choose Only The Safest Ingredients

No worries in deodorization.


Eliminate 4 Sources Of Stench





More Effective and Safer Choice




4 Common Applications



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