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【Pinkaholic】水手系列胸背 CORDELIA Harness (Matching Leash Available)
Price RM45.50 - RM73.50 RM98.00 - RM126.00
Brand Pinkaholic New York
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Variety & Size

│產品特色 Product Features│

年度爆款- 水手服造型胸背帶,外出安全又吸睛!! 水手領、間白條紋、船錨刺綉設計的魅力風格。帶出門安心又Fashion~


✔ 採用親膚棉麻布,穿著舒適透氣

✔ 毛孩專用版型,不易脫落、不勒喉嚨

✔ 貓狗都適合,鋼固塑扣配件,可隨意快速調整胸圍

✔ 肩膀飾條設計,防止摩擦,穿著整天不受束縛


水手胸背與牽繩套組可隨意搭配或單件選購,毛爸媽們有更多的選擇!什麽時候帶孩子們出門遊車河、游船出海?穿上Cordelia Harness, 讓毛孩每一次出門都成為注目的焦點。 


Harnesses mainly focus on durability and style, and Cordelia Harness encounters these both features.

Durability - Strong stretch fabric cotton, ‘tahan’ every pull & not easy to tear

Style - Attractive sail captain wear, double the joy & cuteness~



  • Made of skin-friendly cotton fabric, long time comfortable & breathable material
  • Available for any small/medium-sized felines & dogs, size can be flexibly adjustable
  • Feature a sturdy D-ring for easy leash attachment. Perfect for everyday walk and weekend party, or just making your pet look its best

Cordelia Harness set comes complete with a matching leash, furparents are available for choosing harness only or set purchasing.  

│適用對象 Suitable For│

不分年齡 全犬貓適用 
Dogs & cats of all ages

│產地 Place of Origin│


Designed & Made in Korea


│了解更多 More Information│

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Customer Reviews
Le San Yong

The toy is cute and my dog loves it very much!

9 August 2022
JC Diong

Fast delivery, good quality product and my dog love the toy.

28 July 2022
Nicole Ngang

wow...my dogs like it so.much! thanks

28 July 2022