Free shipping for orders over RM160.00 in Peninsular Malaysia
Shopping Guide


Kindly reminder to all pet's owners,

Read the following instructions so you can have a better understanding of your shopping experience, shipping methods, and delivery expectation!



Shopping Experience

From making payment until receiving the product it takes around 3-7 working days.


Shopping Methods


MAOUP provides you a fast and convenient shopping experience.

You can now shop directly through Facebook Login for a faster & convenient checkout process.

  • Shopping process

Choose Your Product → Add to Cart → Order Checkout → Fill in the Information & Delivery Method

→ Make Payment → Delivery in Working Days → Receive Your Product


Payment Methods


Currently, we only accept Online Bank Transfer as our main payment method.


Shipping Rates


We offer different shipping rates for East Malaysia & West Malaysia. Free shipping for purchases above RM160! (only for Peninsular Malaysia)

  • West Malaysia (Peninsular Malaysia) : RM6.00~RM10.00
  • East Malaysia (Sabah, Labuan & Sarawak) : Varies by Courier Option chosen.


Shipping Method & Delivery Days


Delivery does not include Saturday, Sunday & Public Holiday.

Delivery will only be commenced the next day after successful payment from customers, during working days (Monday to Friday).

Please ensure that the information is filled in correctly to smoothen the delivery process.

* If the order is made during Saturday, Sunday or Public Holiday, we will process the order during the next working day and deliver it the day after.
Eg: If the order is made on Saturday or Sunday, we will process the order on Monday and deliver it on Tuesday.

When the order is being delivered, if you need to update or modify the information:
please call us (03-5892 2697) or Facebook message us so that we can assist you immediately.


Delivery Duration

West Malaysia

3-5 working days

East Malaysia

4-7 working days


Note: You will receive an email notification when your order is being delivered!
Note: You may choose your own courier service during checkout and the shipping fees imposed might be different.
Note: For those who chose Pgeon Delivery and outside of Klang Valley, due to the location distance the delivery might take some time.
Note: For your parcel tracking progress, you should refer to the tracking URL given by us through email.


Invoice Notice


We will send an electronic invoice to your email address after the payment is made.

If you did not receive your invoice, please call us (03-5892 2697) or Facebook message us so that we can assist you immediately.


【Pre Order Information


Sometimes some of our products will be selling like hot cakes and it will run out of stock. Hence restocking the products will take some time.

However, customers still can pre-order it and get delivered on a later date stated by MAOUP Malaysia (will be published on Facebook).

Note: Products in the same order with the pre-order product WILL ONLY BE DELIVERED TOGETHER once restocked. No separation delivery.

For example: Pet Conditioner (pre order, stock will arrive on 17 Feb) + Dog Shampoo order is made on 15 Jan. We will only deliver both products together on 17 February.


【Member Reward Points】- Starts from 12th August 2019


How Does The Reward Points Work?

You must be a registered member to enjoy the reward point.

For every RM1 you spent with us, you will be awarded with 1 point.
Eg: RM80.90 = 81 points

You can check your point at My Account > My Reward Point.

What To Do With The Reward Points?

Some of the products have points written in their respective product pages.

With enough reward points, you can actually redeem the product for FREE!

Currently, the available products with reward points are:
1. MAOEAT Mood Enhancer Pet Treat : 1500 points
2. MAOEAT Eye Care Pet Treat : 1500 points
3. MAOEAT Joint Protector Pet Treat : 1500 points
4. MAOEAT Lysine Maintainer Pet Treat : 1500 points
5. MAOEAT Urinary Support Pet Treat : 1500 points


How Do I Redeem The Product?

To redeem the product, kindly follow the simple steps below:
1. Add the redeemable product to the cart.
2. Proceed to checkout
3. Apply the point to the redeemable product in the checkout page

Terms & Conditions:
1. You can only redeem the product as our member.
2. You can only select ONE(1) redeemable product at ONE(1) time.
3. You can only redeem the product if you have accumulated enough points.
4. You still have to pay for the shipping fees.

Feel free to call us (03-5892 2697) or Facebook message us
if you have any problems or questions regarding our reward point system!


Return & Refund



For more information, please visit the Return & Refund Policy page.

For your kind information, please consult your veterinarian first with our ingredients before making the purchase.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us (03-5892 2697) or Facebook message us. We will answer your questions as soon as possible! :)