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Stair Can Be Dangerous for Furkid’s Bone!


HealthFact of Furkid's Joint

Most of the parents would love to see their furkids running up & down the stairs with their cute little feet! While this might seem adorable & cute, the fact is, it's actually hurting to the furkid's「spinal cord」&「joints」.┌|◎o◎|┘


But how?!

 How can climbing stairs injure their them?


1. What parents don't realize is...

Doggy’s Weight VS Common Disease
When furkid climbs up the stairs... Their knee joints have to support about「2 times」of their body weight. When furkid climbs down the stairs... Their knee joints have to support about「7 times」of their body weight. The pressure on the knee should not be underestimated! Climbing stairs too often will cause long-term effects on the limbs and lumbar joints. Over time, it will slowly turn into a serious injury.(›´ω`‹ )

2. If you still letting them to climb stairs...

Doggy’s Weight VS Common Disease
At the age of4』, they might face Injury on the lumbar spine or leg joints. When they're at『6~8 years old』, their lumbar spine or leg joints dysfunction will become more obvious & severe. When their lumbar spine / joints are becoming worse, you will notice that they would start:✔ Limping ✔Barely be able to walk ✔Howl more often due to painfulness.



 Furboss TIPS -

 Furkids are encouraged to walk on stairs with short and wide blocks for their joint and spinal health. If your stairs are built with high and narrow blocks, you are advised to hug them instead.


Doggy’s Weight VS Common Disease